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Coaching for Physicians who feel disconnected from their purpose with Dr. Randy Cook

January 8, 2022

Check out this amazing conversation with Dr. Randy Cook around coaching for physicians. 

Dr. Cook is the host of 'RX for success' podcast where he spotlights physician leaders as they reflect on the elements that helped them in their journey to success. 

He brings more than four decades of beside practice to the table as we talk about the intersection of practice and well-being. Dr. Cook shares with me what he has gleaned from interviewing medical professionals as well as his own experience. 

We talk about how physicians are handling the shifting landscape of medicine and how he and his coaches support physicians who feel like they no longer belong in medicine or are looking for a creative outlet outside of their practice. 

Check it out and check out Randy's podcast at: https://rxforsuccesspodcast.com/

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