A Clean Bill of Wealth with Galen Nuttall

How to Stop Keeping Score and Create Unity in Your Relationship

August 6, 2022

Exactly one year ago a good friend of mine said "Galen it's great that you're creating all these resources for physicians, but what about the spouses and partners of physicians, how do you support us?"

That conversation planted the seed in my brain that led to this podcast episode and the upcoming event on August 14th for physicians and their significant others. 

Let me introduce Sara, who is a master certified life coach, mother of 4, and wife to Ryan, a foot and ankle surgeon.

Sara coaches physician spouses and intimate partners to create rock solid marriages.

Sara helps intimate partners of physicians drop the scorecard in their marriage, come out of the shadow of their partner's career, and pursue what lights them up.

To learn more about Sara, be sure to check her out at: www.sarapayne.com/

To register for the event Strengthening Medical Marriages on Sunday the 14th that will be featuring Sara and another physician life coach, be sure to go to: 


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